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Northern Electric model 512

photo of front of Northern Electric model 512


On August 25, 2002, I received the following in a message from Jean-François Carriere ( with the images shown on this page attached, and he kindly allowed me to post them on my site:

...Thank you for your web links. There is some photos of my NE 512. You have the face, buttons and glass dial. I don't have photos of my 610 yet, because this radio is all in parts for restoration! I'll send you later for your web site.

There is a little text for this radio: (I'm not very good in english, so maybe there will some mistakes or bad phrases)

This is my first radio and my first restoration. Taken on Ebay in Feb. 2002. This is a Northern Electric tombstone wood radio model 512 of 1936, broadcast (AM) only. Use 5 big tubes. I learnt a lot about restoring old radio with it. It's very interesting. The easy part was replacing old capacitors by new fresh ones and replacing some resistors and bad wires. I found "look like" cloth wire for the AC cord (like original). Found NOS tubes in original boxes! I like this old technology... The bad part was the wood cabinet. I'm a technician not a cabinetmaker! The cabinet was in poor condition. Put a lot of time on it, but I think I did a good job. Look better like this. Very happy of the result. Play loud and very well! ...

Have a good day

Here's the dial face

and the knobs
closeup of Northern Electric 512 dial face closeup of Northern Electric 512 knobs

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