Northern Electric model 632A


Northern Electric 632 A - restored

Bands: BC, SW

These photos were sent to me by Jerry Waters, owner of

Jerry Waters here....... I restore tube radios and thought you might like to see this pic of my recent restoration.
I have my own radio website and enjoyed looking at your's.

I asked him:

Is the grille cloth original, repro, or generic?

and he replied (in part):

Hi John, Yes the knobs and grill cloth are original The knobs have been polished & buffed with my lambs-wool bench buffer that I use for restoring bakelite cabinets. As I'm sure you know, most of the 60-70 year old radios are in pretty poor shape, but I was really surprised how good of shape this radio was in & how clean the chassis is...not to mention I didn't have to replace the grill cloth like I do 99% of the time. Its a strong weave so that really helped it over the years.

The chassis from the back:

Northern Electric 632A chassis

Closeup of the dial face:

Northern Electric 632A dial face

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