Hallicrafters S-120

ca. 1961-64

Multi-band BC/SW, metal cabinet.
Has CD marks .
Band 1 550 kc to 1.600 mc
Band 2 1.6 mc to 4.4 mc
Band 3 .4 mc to 11.5 mc
Band 4 11.5 mc to 30 mc
I suppose this is really my first tube radio, acquired in Holman, NWT, Canada, when I lived there. For a few years, shortwave was all you could get, except for skips at night from Alaska and Salt Lake City. That was way before I started collecting. I have the telescoping antenna, somewhere. Maybe in the garage? It has a fork lug on the bottom and simply screws onto the antenna terminal at the back. You can see the clips for holding it when it's not in use, on the back panel (see picture below).

Lots of room inside the cabinet.

More pictures and info later.

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