Canadian Marconi model 261

Purchased November 30, 2000 at a second-hand furniture store in Sackville, New Brunswick

All I've done so far is given it a quick cabinet cleaning, and repainted the two gold stripes. There's a two-section filter capacitor that needs replacement, plus a few other small caps that should probably be changed too. When I tried it out, I just used a spare multi-part capacitor with alligator clips attached, in parallel with the old ones. That killed most of the hum.

You can't see it in this picture, but there's a crack running from the bottom right front corner to the back of the cabinet, along outer one of the two ridges.

For the gold paint, I used Sheffield brand "Metallic Leaf Finish", which I found at a Canadian Tire store. It has a lacquer thinner base, and dries very quickly. It comes in at least six different shades of gold, plus silver, pewter, and copper colour.

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