Stromberg-Carlson model 1400H

ca. 1949, manufactured - where?

I just got this one, so I don't know much about it yet. This is the eBay seller's photo. The description given was:

Nice original radio from Stromberg Carlson.White in color. No major wear.Radio powers up but I can't get any sound.Offered as found at NO RESERVE!

I thought that this was the 1101-HI model (Ivory Bakelite, 1947-49) but the Rider manual service data shows a different chassis layout. I'm told by Ken Hoffman, on the Antique Radios Online forum, that "The plastic 1101 had a slanted slide rule dial..Made earlier than [mine]".

Back panel. (eBay seller's photo - Hey - this guy likes to use his outdoor gas barbecue as a photo studio too!)

Note the handy-dandy integrated handle in the top of the cabinet. This can be removed by taking out the screws inside the cabinet, but then the plastic dial cover would fall off.

Bit of an external antenna is sticking through the panel.

Tube complement: (according to what was in it when delivered)
Rectifier 35Z5GT
RF Amplifier 12SK7
Converter 12SA7
IF Amplifier 12SK7
Demod/AVC/Audio Amp 12SQ7
Output Amplifier 35L6GT

This is the same set as in the Stromberg-Carlson 561. The tubes light up, but there is no sound at all, and I found several wires off from the tuning capacitor.

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