Stromberg-Carlson 761

Made in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
ca. 1947

This was one of three parts sets in a single eBay auction.

Stromberg-Carlson model 761 cabinet

The plastic dial cover and grille cloth are in excellant shape. That bit of masking tape on top was a label that said "No speaker / poor sound".

The other two sets were Stromberg-Carlson model 561, which has a nearly identical chassis.

Stromberg-Carlson model 761 chassis

One of the 561 chassis will provide the missing audio transformer and speaker.

Stromberg-Carlson model 761 dial face closeup

At first I thought the dial face was identical to the older style dial face of the model 561, but when I was taking this photo I realised that while the green graphics and numbers matched those on the older 561 dial face, the lettering in the logo was the newer sans serif style. The dial pointer is identical to that on the 561.

There is a model 1100-H, shown in the Radio Attic archives that has a cabinet that looks exactly like a 761. That one has a dial face that looks more like the older style for the 561 (green outline, serifs on the logo). I don't know yet if there are any differences in the chassis.

All 761s that I've seen have knobs like on the 561 (below left):

Stromberg-Carlson model 561 and 761 knob closeupStromberg-Carlson knob (various models) closeup

My 761 didn't come with any, so for the time being I'm going to use another type of knob (above right) seen on several Stromberg-Carlson sets from that era (including the model 1204. I have a few spares of this type. It's not really authentic for the 761, but at least it's in the right family, and as near as I can make out they're what's used on the 1100-H.

Technical Data
IF frequency 460 kHz
Line Volts 105-125 V
DC to 60 Hz
Tube complement:
Rectifier 35Z5GT
RF Amplifier 12SK7
Mod Oscillator 12SA7
IF Amplifier 12SK7
Demod/AVC/Audio Amp 12SQ7
Output Amplifier 35L6GT

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