Stewart-Warner R-615-X

I haven't found any further info on this model yet, but it looked like a good one to practise painting on.
Five-tube bakelite, AM, with ivory enamel and gold-painted raised lettering.
Purchased in used furniture store in Sackville, NB.

This one is nearly finished being repainted. While I was stripping the old paint, a piece of the dial came off, so I had to glue it back in. What you can't see in the picture is that the middle horizontal line of the letter "E"s in "Stewart-Warner" are little lightning bolts.

This is the "before" picture, as I found it in the store.
The tag says "1960" but I think they were just guessing.

After the second application of paint stripper has been removed. Ultimately, I had to use an Xacto knife to pick the old paint out of the nooks and crannies, working with a magnifying glass around the lettering. What a pain.
Several coats (over primer) of Krylon "Living Color Latex Enamel", (colour "Muslin") have been sprayed on. I want to make sure that it's fully cured before I use rubbing compound to smooth it out.

Update August 26/2000
Arrgh! As I was rubbing the final coat, it started peeling. I'm in the middle of stripping it again, and next time I'll use a toluene/acetone based spray paint.

Stewart-Warner R-615-X getting stripped again

Here it is, slathered in 3M's "Safest Stripper" and wrapped in Saran Wrap so the stripper doesn't dry out as it sits overnight.
I got a "warmer" shade of off-white, MotoMaster "Pastel French", an automotive touchup paint, from Canadian Tire. It should be a bit closer to the original colour, and I was having second thoughts about the "Muslin" colour anyway.. I saved a chip of the original factory paint, for comparison. I also picked up a tube of "Glazing and Spot Putty" to see if I can't do a better job of smoothing out that crack.

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