Viking 52-36A

ca. 1951-52?

serial number 433480

Another purchase from a local used furniture store in Sackville. I'm just guessing at the date. Tom Polk has a very similar model 54-49, which he was told appeared in the Fall and Winter 1953-54 Eatons catalogue, for $32.95. Viking, of course, was the house brand for the T. Eaton Co. department store. It might seem that the first two digits of the model number refered to the model year, but then I have a Viking EMU51-418 that came out in 1948. This 52-36A has the MOT warning on the back, so it's at least as old as 1953.

It's a typical AA5 set, with a tube complement of: 35W4, 12BE6, 12BA6, 12AT6, 50B5.

I haven't done much except wipe the dust off. I'm not even sure yet if it's bakelite or some other plastic. The dial face is reverse-painted glass with burgundy and gold paint. The grille is expanded metal, painted a warm gold colour.

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