Once an important trading center, Brugge has sunk into a state of stagnancy with the silting of the Zwin and competition with Antwerp. With the state of Brugge, so did the family business slip from something that once was profitable to just a cause of major headaches. Mergriet de la Voye,
either on the verge of snapping from sanity or plain old frustration, would slip into her lord’s clothes and take to the streets and pubs late at
night, drinking heavily, gambling and picking sword fights. This went on for nearly a year before she found herself nearly out of money and home.

It now came to the point where she had to leave Brugge with what little she had left and seek some kind of employment elsewhere, even if it be of ill
repute. Wearing her “man clothes” for “that one last time” Griet/Generick made her way to the boats where she/he finagled her/himself onboard the Roisin Dubh (for a ‘small’ price and some ‘paperwork’ as she could also read and write... amongst other things).

Years later, Griet still sails with the crew as she never did leave the Ship completely and nor did her sword, dagger or tongue (you know what I mean) ever get rusty... and then there is Generick Bran Hue Mann... but that’s another story.

AoA, Scholar (Black Cord), Dabbler, Scribe
Weapon Forms: Single rapier and Rigid blocking device