Run Gun, EXE File Version 2
A simple platformer made in three days for portfolio use. Upgraded version of RunGun 1, featuring a cleaned up run animation, an entirely new jump animation, and a second character. Made after an additional 3 hours of work.

Run Gun, EXE File Feature Complete
Initial, feature complete, version of the Run Gun game, made in two days. (Friday evening to Sunday morning.)

Blaster Master Tribute Beta
Game developed in tribute to the classic NES game Blaster Master, with an articulated tank. Still in beta.

Arcade Game 0.8 EXE Beta
A side scrolling space shooter designed specificly to "Rip off every classic space shooter in existance." Features ships inspired by Gradius, Axelay, Xevious, Star Fox, real life aircraft, and many other sources. Music from Newgrounds Audio portal.

Arcade Game Sound files
Arcade Game Music