Dark Side of Furrae is a fan comic based in the world of "Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures", by Amber Williams. DSOF follows Theonor and Jade, in a world of high fantasy much like many RPG's. These two, however, are on the "Bad guys" side, hence the "Dark Side" part of the title.

DSOF is a character driven story, meaning that it's more about the relationships of those involved. This is my first attempt at a comic strip, so the earlier strips are full of problems. It's my first in a lot of things: digital inking, coloring, and a serious attempt at writing stories and characters.
. The Zone of Transposed Awareness That is 4AM on a Tuesday is a comic I started for entirely different purposes than DSOF.

Artwise I wanted to have much more signifigant imagery in The Zone, focusing on imagery, camera angles and composition rather than the characters themselves. The effprt put into the characters is more subtle body language and posture. I also wanted to worry less about the finish and polish, which is why it's strictly black and white. I also set out to push the kinds of angles I use, drawing faces in upshots and down shots much more.

The subject matter in Zone is much more personal to me then my other comics. If you want to know what being an artist is for me, this is the best I can give you. It's kind of like a metaphorical autobiography.

There is a meaning to the title, it's not just psychobabble. When I say "Zone of Awareness" I'm talking about a sense of almost dreamlike zen I'm working at said hour. I picked 4AM on Tuesday specificly. As for what makes this hour special, that's what the comic is about. interiestingl, you can type "TZTA4T" with one hand.