Dominion Electrohome "Cosmic"

pre-1953, Kitchener, Ontario

Superheterodyne Receiver
105-125 Volts, 25-60 Cycle AC/DC

Tube Complement
RF 12BE6
IF 12BA6
Det, AVC 12AT6
Audio O/P 50B5
Rectifier 35W4

When I first saw the photo on eBay, I thought that the sloping sides were just an effect of the camera angle, but the top really is wider than the bottom, and the front slopes back. The top and bottom are more or less rectangular, though, so the front is the same width as the back.

The label on the bottom says "Walnut - Autumn Leaf Mahogany". I'm not sure if there is any actual mahogany in it, or if that's just what they call the colour of the tint in the lacquer finish on the veneer.

There is no model number on it as such, just the model name on the metal tag on the back panel, which says "COSMIC" I'm guessing the date as being at or before1953 because of the MOT Warning on the bottom label.

The back panel has an RCA-type phono input jack. Ther is also a little brass grommet through which a wire used to go, for hooking up an external antenna, but the wire itself is broken off.

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