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RCA Victor M-45 A

1946/47 - made in Montreal, Canada

Not the most attractive set (yet) but this is the same model as the first radio I remember listening to, when I was about 5 or 6 years old.

The description that used to be on my Wish List page said:

A Canadian model, ca.1946-47, with BC and (I think) three SW bands. My parents had one of these in the '50s and early '60s. I mostly remember reading the names of the far-off cities on the two shortwave bands. This image [not shown here] is of one belonging to an email acquaintance in Labrador City. He said it had "M45-A" as the model number. I recently ran across two of these, with the model number of "M45", at the Bayhead Radio Museum. Neither one had the letter "A" in the model name on the label at the back, and I didn't notice any difference between those two and this one.
Update August 14, 2001
- last Sunday, I was sucessful in winning one on eBay, within six hours of winning a "Panda". [which was also on my Wish List].

A sample of the grille cloth. It's a good thing it was intact, because I doubt I could easily match it

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